Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Etre et Avoir" (2002) - excerpts from a wonderfully inspiring documentary

How do we learn to live with others and their wishes? Director Nicolas Philibert poses this question in a village schoolhouse in Auvergne, where Georges Lopez teaches 13 children, ages ranging from about four to 12. Against a landscape of mountains and farmland, from driving snow to rain to sun, the children gather in Lopez's warm and colorful classroom, to read, write dictation, cook, and sort things out. At home, the older ones do homework with parents after their chores. At year's end, they look ahead to the next, visiting the middle school and meeting the little ones coming in the fall. As they learn sums and adjectives, with Lopez's help, they also learn to live side by side.

It is so beautiful how homework is a family experience. I wish I had this when I was a child...
I know I'm much too young to dream like this, but I want children like these one day!!
So adorable!!

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